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Another Milestone

Despite the recession, we’re busier than ever and happy to report that we’re still providing our excellent order processing times and general high level of service.

I mentioned a couple of months ago that we were pleased to hit 200 positive feedbacks in the last 30 days on our eBay account.

I’m very pleased to say that for the last couple of days, we’ve hit over 300 positive feedbacks in the last 30 days! Busier than ever, and providing service that’s better than ever!

Bursting At The Seams

Our Ebay store is virtually bursting at the seams with almost 700 new items added over the last week! These include our abbey range of tankards which are made using the classic method of hand casting molten pewter into gun metal moulds. This ancient technique creates pieces of supreme weight and feel. Also added are some Guinness themed tankards which feature some lovely old and modern Guinness designs. Head on over and take a look for yourself!

Watch this space for more info.