New Name, New Direction

New Name, New Direction

New Name, New Direction

Today we changed our company name.

We’ve been called Macdonald Sporrans for over 11 years and I would love to tell you that name came from some divine inspiration or marketing strategy, but it really didn’t. My surname is Macdonald and I started off selling sporrans, I think we can say there wasn’t a huge amount of creativity going on.

About 15 months ago, my wife joined the business and we started upon a path of change. We made a strong, but difficult, decision to reshape the business to become more of what we wanted it to be – to create our dream business. After undergoing a lot of change in 2015, we feel that we’re starting to achieve that and are ready for the next step.

We’ve changed the way we work, the way we think and what we’re working towards. Changing the name just makes sense.

Our new name is Eagle & Fox.

We want to make the company better and Eagle & Fox is a better representation of who we are and what we do.

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