All Moved In

All Moved In

All Moved In

We’re now fully moved into our new premises… and loving it.

We ended up doing the bulk of the move on a Wednesday evening. Pushing through late into the night seemed like a better idea than sacrificing a weekend. Because our old and new premises were very close, we cut down on travel time a lot, and were able to move the remaining stuff over the next few days without impacting the running of the business in any significant way.

The first few computer screens arrive: IMG_20140813_182435

Quickly followed by the first desk:IMG_20140813_182442

Rachel enjoying her new desk:IMG_20140813_184350

And wondering why she’s all on her own:IMG_20140813_184359

Meanwhile, the warehouse is coming together. Shelves are going up, products are getting sorted out:IMG_20140813_182454



And the warehouse packing stations and computer desks start going up:IMG_20140813_182504



Finally, with the other desks in the office, it starts to feel a little more organised (although also still quite big!):IMG_20140818_083129

Sam gets a new chair and follows the company tradition of building it herself:IMG_20140828_164625

And we ‘installed’ our modern art exhibition (well, it’s not like we’re short of space…):IMG_20140831_085843

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