The Big Move

The Big Move

The Big Move

We began moving into our new premises last week and we’re planning to be finished by this Sunday. From Monday 18th August, we’ll be fully operational from our new premises.

The last time we moved we did most of the heavy lifting over a single weekend. We’d made preparations during the week leading up to it, building new shelves etc in the warehouse, but the main move was over a weekend.

This time, I’m not confident we can do that much in 2 days. We’ve got 4 times the stock, and all together there’s about 5 tonnes of it. That doesn’t include all the shelving, desks, chairs, computers, engraving machines and all the rest of it.

So, this time, we’ve spread the move out over a few weeks. Last week we got a delivery of our new shelves:

IMG_20140731_132248And set about building them:


IMG_20140805_145017Over the next few days, we started moving all of our bulk stock – things we don’t need very often, or overflow stock that we have lots of – so our new shelves started to fill up:

IMG_20140805_165601 IMG_20140805_165614 IMG_20140807_125149All the stock we’ve moved so far used to sit on shelves, so those ones have come down and can now be built ready for the next batch of products:

IMG_20140807_125213We’re lucky with this move that our old and new locations are less than 5 minutes walk apart. From today onwards we’re starting to move products that we’ll need to ship to customers. Unfortunately there’s no real way around this. However, we’ll have the van going back and forth between the warehouses, so our warehouse guys will need to walk round the corner to pick the products for a few days. We’re anticipating no alteration to deliveries going out throughout the whole move! I know some companies that shut down for stock checks, never mind warehouse moves.

We’ll leave the technical stuff until the weekend as that will involve down time while we switch all the computer systems off and set them up at the new place. Busy week and weekend in store for us all!

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