We’re On the Ladder

We’re On the Ladder

We’re On the Ladder

Almost exactly 10 years after starting this business from my bedroom in my mum’s house, I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve just bought our first property.

It’s a great opportunity to look back at our fantastic growth over the last 10 years.

We started out in my bedroom wrapping orders in the only paper I had (pink flowery paper!) and I piled up the different kinds of sporrans around the floor and under my bed:

Then we moved to a tiny 75 square foot unit. The photo is basically all there was in it – 2 sets of shelves! However, it sure felt huge at the time.

When we started to outgrow that, we moved into a 125 square foot unit:

Then into our first office at about 350 square foot. We started off having it split between warehouse and office:

Then we got a a second 200 square foot office (total 550), so we moved the warehouse to the new unit and had our first solo office! Mind you, those warehouse aisles were a pretty tight squeeze!

Then into another 200 square foot office (total 750) to take some of our bigger bulk products:

At our last move, we took a bigger step that we hoped would last us for a few years and moved to a 2,500 square foot unit, a huge 4 times bigger. We suddenly had more space than we’d ever thought about. You can see that our aisles got a little bigger as well!

However, as is the way, after less than 2 years, we’d started to find ourselves short of space again….

So, we began looking for a larger space to help us continue our growth into the future. Finding a big space in Edinburgh isn’t easy, unless you want to be slightly out of town in an industrial estate. We were very keen to find a space in Leith as we love it here – there’s a real buzz around the area right now and lots of cool bars and shops are opening up.

On Friday 25th July (10 years and 1 month sine we were founded) we completed the purchase on a 15,000 square foot shop. A whopping 6 times bigger than our current premises and wee bit bigger than my bedroom!

It’s part of a beautiful grade B listed building and used to be a Co-Operative superstore back in the day. The property also has 2 shop fronts so stay tuned for exciting news on what we’re going to do with them.

Here’s some photos before we got in to tidy up!

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