2nd Fastest Growing Company in Scotland!

2nd Fastest Growing Company in Scotland!

2nd Fastest Growing Company in Scotland!

Last year we were the 2nd fastest growing technology company in Scotland!

But we didn’t win an award… because we didn’t know about the competition.

I recently found out about the Deloitte Fast 50 Awards. It’s an annual award for fast growing technology based companies. We didn’t enter last year because we didn’t know about it.

I’ve never really had the personality for self-promotion and the business has developed around that. We’ve never really had a marketing department or a press department. We’ve never really gone out to look at things like awards to see what we could enter or win. We work hard and we innovate in our own way, and we don’t really shout about it.

It came as a bit of a surprise to find out about this award, and presumably there must be others like it. It came as a bigger surprise when I realised that if we had known about it, and if we’d have entered, we would’ve been ranked 15th in the UK and 2nd in Scotland!

FreeAgent top the Scottish list at position 8 with 2128% growth, while second in Scotland is Skyscanner at position 22 with 1033% growth.

In the 5 years up to 2013 we had 1343% growth. Imagine having higher growth over the last 5 years than the behemoth that is Skyscanner. I went to a talk by a couple of the founders of Skyscanner a few years ago and they had over 100 development staff if I remember correctly.

In the 5 years to 2013, 3 of them was just me, or I had a friend helping me out, 2 of them I started to take on staff, and today, there’s only 6 full time members of staff.

We’re definitely proud of what we’ve achieved and I like to think that we’re doing something bigger than just selling products. We’re building a company that does things a little differently, and we work a little differently. I’ll probably write some posts about that soon, but some examples are that we’re nearly entirely cloud based (we prefer to save the trees than use paper if possible), we offer generous pensions and profit shares to staff, we have flexible working arrangements, we give all team members the ability to have input into the way the business is run, we’re entirely open about our financials within the team…. and lots more.

Perhaps this year we’ll start entering some of these awards so that we can get the badges to reflect our smiles.

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