Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service

I bought an expensive Logitech mouse about 5 years ago. It was the top of the line mouse at the time and it was pretty good.

About 2 years after having it, it started double clicking when I single clicked…

I read around some forums, and it turned out to be a common problem. I called Logitech, and they promptly shipped me a new mouse, the updated version.

3 years and 6 days after receiving it, it’s doing exactly the same thing. Although it only has a 3 year warranty, Logitech is going to replace it again for a new one, which will come with a new 3 year warranty.

Great customer service. Although, not feeling great about the fact that they keep breaking. Although they’ve definitely got good systems in place to deal with the problems that are arising, including making a special case for someone just outside the warranty period, I can’t help but think that they should spend more time on making the product perform better.

I’ve been thinking a lot over the last few weeks about what our company stands for, what our vision and mission are, and what type of company we want to be in 5 years time. Creating great products definitely feels like a key part of that, alongside a constant desire to make those products better over time.

I firmly believe in change, and the process of constant re-evaluation and improvement. Nothing in our company is written in stone, it’s constantly challenged to see if it can be improved.

While I’m happy to buy a Logitech product because I know I’ll get great service, I have less confidence that they’re focussed on making better products, or even making their existing products better. Perhaps with a little of that strategy, they’d be pushing forward new ways of interacting with computers that will help to ensure their place in the market in 10 years.

Hopefully that strategy will help to cement ours, and hopefully we’ll create some great new products along the way, while also providing fantastic customer service.

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