St Andrew… Patron Saint of Barbados?

St Andrew… Patron Saint of Barbados?

Whilst doing a little research on St Andrew‘s day, I was surprised to learn that St Andrew is also the Patron Saint of Barbados. This small island in the Caribbean, that is over 4000 miles away, chooses  November 30th as the National Day of Independence alongside St Andrew’s Day celebrations.

I’ve had a number of customers from this island, it should be no surprise to see a kilt being worn there on St Andrew’s Day. From speaking to our customers, I have learnt how friendly and welcoming the people of Barbados are. Barbados will probably be celebrating St Andrew’s Day in the sunshine, as they get over 3000 hours of sunshine each year. Scotland will see roughly half of this! It’s easy to see why so many Scots have made this island their home.

So we share a saint’s day, but what other things do Scotland and Barbados have in common. To start with, both countries drive on the left hand side and we both have an Atlantic coast, albeit a lot colder in Scotland! Both are experts in making top quality alcohol, your hip flask would be full of rum in Barbados and whisky in Scotland. Our countries are both very patriotic and November 30th will see many celebrations of heritage and national pride taking place. For the very best updates on events in Scotland and for more information on St Andrew visit

Traditional Dress

It seems that the national dress of Barbados is not as well known, nor as widely recognised as Scotland’s kilt and highland dress. Whilst Bajan ladies wear bright colourful outfits, Bajan men don’t wear national dress. Maybe Barbados could adopt the kilt, and wear it proudly in a bright colour or even by registering a national tartan.

Happy St Andrew’s Day from all of us at Macdonald Sporrans.

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