A Special Thanks

A Special Thanks

As part of my job at Macdonald Sporrans I try and give the best service possible to all of our customers. It’s very rewarding for me to know that the products we’re sending out and the service people receive from us are making you happy. It’s also very nice when people take the time out to say thank you to us. Whether this is at the end of an email or phone call or especially when a review is left on our site.

It was to my amazement this morning when one of our customers actually took the time and effort to send us over a gift basket. It was full the treats such as biscuits and cheeses and really made my day. This customer was using our website, buyahipflask.com to send a gift to her partner, who was the other side of the world, simply to let him know she cared and was thinking of him. I was particularly touched by their story, and had provided support via email in order to get the flask exactly as our customer wished.

It was a very nice surprise to have received such a gift and I thank our customer very much for the value they have placed on our service to them. This is a special situation in that we have been thanked in such a way by the customer, but by no means is this a unique example of our service levels.  If you feel that we have provided a good product or service, it would be great if you take the time out to write a review on our websites, share on Facebook or Twitter, or tell your friends. All of your personal recommendations help to form people’s view of our company and is a great way of you to say thank you should you wish.

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