Server Gets Even Beefier!

Server Gets Even Beefier!

As my previous post alluded to – we moved to a new server today!

What is a server?

A server is a computer that’s always turned on and always connected to the internet. Websites are stored on servers so that people can access them all the time. If your website was stored on your home PC, it would only be available to the outside world when your PC is on.

Is it important?

The server is the most important piece of hardware that makes a website function. The bigger/better/faster that a server is, the faster the website is and the more people that it can accommodate at one time.

What about your new one?

This new server is considerably more powerful than our last one. It has 4 times the amount of memory, 10 times the amount of disk space and the processor (the brain) is considerably more powerful.

It’s also based in the UK – our last server was based in the US. This means that UK based traffic doesn’t have to go right across the pond for every page load!

What does this mean?

Simply put – our site should be faster, more reliable and able to handle more visitors at once!

The move happened within the last few hours, so I’ve not got long-term statistics yet, but we estimate the server response time to be around half of what it previously was. This means that the website should load about twice as fast today as it did yesterday.

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