Security: It’s the Most Important Bit

Security: It’s the Most Important Bit

I think that when you’re buying something online, security is the most important aspect of the whole process.

It’s obviously important that you get the product in time, that you’re happy with it and that we’ve provided excellent service along the way, however, if your privacy is compromised as a result of buying from us – the negative effects soon outweigh the positive ones.

I also think that it’s important for companies that process or store confidential or sensitive information to be very clear, open and honest about what steps they take to ensure that the information remains confidential.

I recently realised that we didn’t have a dedicated page that outlines our security procedures, and so… I created one. You can find lots of information on our security here.

As a customer, I know what to look for on a website to know if it’s secure or not. However, I’m quite tech-oriented (I run an online business after all!), and I understand that not everyone knows what to look for. So, to help combat that, I’ve tried to write the page in plain English and I’ve included an Overview and a Test This Site section so that you can do real things to check if our site is secure.

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