Royal Wedding Photos

Royal Wedding Photos

Royal Wedding Photos

I was lucky to be in London on Friday 29th April 2011, and was on the streets during the Royal Wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton.

I turned up at St James’ Park at around 10:00am and began walking around looking for a good spot to view the procession. Most of the Mall was pretty busy, so I decided to look around for somewhere quieter. I found a few places were I was about 5/6 rows back and could see sections of the route between heads.

I decided to head for Parliament St and it was a good choice. There were only 2/3 rows lining the section that I was on, so I had a less restricted view. I was standing right in front of the Foreign and Commonwealth office, next to the cenotaph. There’s a low wall that runs along the pavement in front of the building and I managed to squeeze into a spot on it, between a couple from Singapore and an English lady who had travelled over from Sweden for the big day.

It was a really lucky find, as most people on the wall had been there from about 6/7am! I could see Westminster Abbey in the distance, but was just too far away to see people coming and going from the entrance.

After the processing, I made my way onto The Mall, and was lucky to be quite close to the front and made it all the way onto the big roundabout in front of the palace – which gave me an unobstructed view of the balcony!

Unfortunately the crowd went a bit wild when they came out so I had to take photos on my tip-toes and they were a bit blurry. However, I did capture the kiss (you can see it in the header at the top of the page!

I then returned at around 3:30pm to watch them drive out of the palace in Prince Charle’s Aston Martin DB6 MkII Volante that runs on grapes!

Throughout the day, I took over 300 photos.

I’ve cropped 12 of them so if you want to see a snapshot – you can find the here.

My favourites (48 in total) are in an album here.

And, if you really want to see them all, you can find them here.

I hope you enjoy them… I had a great day taking them!

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