St Patrick’s Day a week today

St Patrick’s Day a week today

Out of all of the Celtic (and kilt wearing) nations, Ireland appear to celebrate the day of their patron saint in the biggest way. March 17th has become not only a national day of Irish heritage and patriotism in Ireland but around the world. People of Irish descent, and often just those looking for a celebratory tankard of Guinness, take part in parades, festivals and parties on St Patrick’s Day.

Ireland has always been a kilt wearing nation, but in recent years the number of people sporting their national tartan, and also the many county variations, has seen an increase. Our popular Heritage of Ireland kilt and Irish outfits will be seen in many a St Patrick’s Day parade.  The parades feature pipers and Irish dancers which are all synonymous with the Celtic culture. I’m aware of a few of our customers who are participating and I look forward to receiving pictures from these events. Please feel free to share yours with us on Facebook, Twitter and our website. The largest parade in the world is held in New York City with over 150,000 participants and 2 million spectators.

The Irish, just like Scots, are fiercely proud of their heritage and the festivals and celebrations give people a chance to display this through national dress, music, dance, sport and of course the odd tipple of whisky or pint of Guinness. The most popular custom around the world is probably wearing green (careful if you don’t you may get pinched! St Patrick’s day). The people of Chicago, where there is a high population from Ireland, even go as far as to dye the river green!

When people think of Ireland it’s amazing that the brand Guinness will be one of the first things people will associate with the country. The harp and toucan are well known icons of Guinness. We have a number of tankards on which are perfect for your pint. These include tulip shaped beakers, harp shaped handles and of course the famous toucan. Don’t worry if Guinness is not your thing. We have a number of other beautiful Irish styled tankards and hip flasks available. As with the majority of our products these can be engraved with a personal message. How about a favourite Irish poem, phrase or limerick.

I’ve had a go at writing my own limericks.  I’d love to hear yours.

An Irishman proudly wearing his kilt,

Drinking Guinness from his tankard so not be be spilt,

He marched in the parades,

To the delight of the maids,

All because he looked grand in his kilt.

With St Patrick’s Day a week away,

Our Irish outfits are great, I must say.

With the outfits on sale,

This look cannot fail,

To be perfect on Ireland’s big day.

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