Update on Magento Switchover

Update on Magento Switchover

Back in August, I posted about some upgrades that are taking place behind the scenes on our website .

We’re making good progress with the move and I feel it’s a good time to give you an update.

We are moving to a new system called Magento. To make the move go as smoothly as possible, we’re currently working with two Magento test sites.

The first test site is where everything gets tried first. We play around with things on that site until we’re happy they work properly. When we’ve tested them thoroughly, we move them over to the second test site.

The second test site is the website that will become the new live site. When all the changes have been copied over to it, it will look and feel exactly like the live website, at which point we’ll take the live site down, and put the new one up in it’s place.

So right now our main priority is to establish which bits work properly and look as they’re supposed to, then copy those over to the second test site. We want to make sure that we only test new things on the first site, so that the second test site remains clean and uncluttered – it just has the bits that work properly. We’re also copying across all our information pages and setting up all the other little bits and bobs which make the website function (tax rates, shipping prices etc).

When we make the final move and change the live site to the new system, we’ll copy across all our sensitive data such as customer records and our order history. We’ll probably take the live site offline while we do this to avoid any problems, so we’ll experience a short period where you won’t be able to access our website. We’re obviously not keen to do this right now, as November and December are two of our busiest months, so we’ll probably wait until Christmas Eve, or another day around that time when we typically get a lot less visitors than normal. However, I’ll confirm when this will be closer to the time so that you can get plenty of warning.

We’re really excited about these changes and look forward to brining lots of new functionality to our stores when this change is complete.



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