Our Top Ten Items as of 10/10/10

Our Top Ten Items as of 10/10/10

You may have already noticed that this Sunday your calender will show a very unique date.  Sunday will be the tenth day of the tenth month of the tenth year. Many people will look to seek some significance or meaning behind these dates, and will believe that a major global event will take place on 10/10/10.

We thought we would share with you our Top Ten best sellers as of the 10/10/10:

1. Heritage of Scotland Poly-Viscose Kilt

You only have to read our reviews to see why this is our top item. This kilt has been sold right around the world. Available in 14 different tartans this versatile and competitively priced kilt is a popular choice.

2. 1 Pint Engravable Glass Tankard

This tankard can be customised with your own engraving and logo for no extra charge and makes an excellent present or souvenir.  This is our top selling tankard available from buyatankard.com

3. Custom Casual Kilt Outfit

This a great flexible way of getting the items you want whilst still benefiting from the discounts available from our regular kilt outfits. Simply pick and choose the items you need to make up your outfit to create your perfect outfit.

4. 6oz Plain Pewter Hip Flask with Captive Top

Our most popular hip flask from buyahipflask.com. This is a traditional kidney shaped hip flask which includes a captive top. This can be personalised to include, text engraving, logo engraving or even choose from over 120 clan crests.

5. Celtic Classic Black Leather Sporran

Meaning ‘purse’ in Gaelic, the sporran is a traditional part of Scotland Highland dress. It is a pouch that performs the same function as pockets or a wallet on the pocketless kilt. This is a day sporran to complete a casual/Jacobite outfit.

6. Morven Kilt Hose

These are our most popular hose, although cream is our most popular colour we have a choice of 8 different colours to choose from. Ribbed design with decorative Celtic Pattern at top, these are an essential for completing your kilt outfit.

7. 1 Pint Celtic Lion handle Tankard

A great twist on a simple tankard, this decorative tankard with Celtic lion handle and Celtic band is a popular tankard. This can also be engraved with your choice of test, logo or clan crest.

8. 6oz Plain Pewter Round Flask

This make an excellent gift as it comes complete with presentation box and mini funnel for filling. An eye catching round flask makes number 8 on our best seller list. This can also be engraved.

9. Blanket Rug

We have recently increased our range of blankets. Available in a range of tartans, these stylish rugs make are not only right on trend at the moment but are a very versatile purchase.

10. Royal Stewart Casual Tartan Trousers

Also available in Black Watch, Mackenzie and Heritage of Scotland, these tartan trousers have seen an increase in popularity, particularly after many players from Europe’s Ryder Cup winning team have been seen sporting similar styles.

We’ll just have to wait and see what the 10th October 2010 holds for us, and wonder what this top ten will look like when this date comes round again!

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