Server Move

Server Move

You may have noticed some downtime over the weekend, and i would like to apologise for any inconvenience that may have caused.

The downtime was a necessary part of our server move, which took place on Friday evening.

Websites are a bit like documents. A very basic 1 page website, is a bit like a 1 page letter. When you view it on the internet, the document must be stored somewhere (it doesn’t just come to your computer from thin air!). The computer that the document is stored on is called a server, and it’s turned on and connected to the internet all the time. So, in simple terms, when you view a webpage, you are viewing a file on someone else’s computer.

For larger websites that have a lot of visitors (or traffic), it becomes increasingly important for that computer (or server) to be turned on all the time, and to be able to cope with lots of people accessing it at the same time. Companies such as Google which get billions of visitors everyday must be able to cope with huge levels of traffic and they use very sophisticated technologies to run their servers.

We don’t get the same number of visitors every day as Google, but it’s still important to us that our website is available as much as possible, and therefore that our server is able to handle the demand our users place on it. We’ve changed the type of server we use to better handle this demand.

Unfortunately, during this change-over we slipped up slightly and made a small mistake which resulted in a security warning being displayed when users accessed our website. The warning was displayed because the SSL security certificate was being issued by a different address than our website. The security certificate was being issued by our server, instead of by our website. I would like to assure everyone that our website was secure during this period and any confidential information entered into it is safe. As soon as noticed this error we worked hard to have it rectified, and i am happy to say that as of 5pm on Saturday afternoon this error no longer appears.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this move.

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