Busy Times

Busy Times

It’s probably about time that this blog started getting more news, and less product notifications!

So… to start this new trend I’ll write a little bit about what we’re up to right now.

Macdonald Sporrans is a busy place at the moment! We’re surviving the recession and are even growing! We had our busiest ever month in January and are set to make this our best ever year. To help accomodate this growth, we’ve got a few new members to the team: Iain is working in the warehouse shipping out all your lovely orders, and as he’s a multi-media guru, he’ll also be giving our website a facelift before it gets a complete overhaul later this year. Emma is managing our product database and has seen it grow by over 30% in the short time she’s been with us.

We’re also making some background changes – we’ll be incorporating soon and will be launching a couple of new websites to better target specific groups of customers who want specific products. Stay tuned for more on that!

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