Friendly URI’s

Friendly URI’s

We’ve just introduced a great new feature to our store – friendly URI’s. In case you’re wondering, a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) is commonly mistakenly referred to as a URL or web address. It is the text address of our website (eg

So…what is a friendly URI? Without getting too complicated, our store uses dynamic URI’s which are generated by searching our store database – when you visit the kilts page, the URI generated could be something like: While this doesn’t really affect your browsing (when you click the page for kilts – you will see the kilts page) we thought that this could be improved slightly, so have introduced a static URI module which will convert that complicated URI to!

Now our whole store can be accessed and browsed using our new friendly URI’s so that you know exactly where you are at all times. This improvement also makes links clearer – so when we send you a link saying “check out our kilts page:” – you know you’re going to our kilts page!

So…to that end, feel free to check out our:

Kilts, Kilt Outfit Packages, Sporrans, Hip Flasks, Tankards and more…

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