Zen-Cart Paypal Website Payments Pro Installation & Activation Guide

Zen-Cart Paypal Website Payments Pro Installation & Activation Guide

Make sure you have an active PayPal account with Website Payments Pro active and live. You should have a PayPal Manager account where you can see if this is active.

1. First, you need to enable PayPal Express Checkout. It’s best to create a new PayPal API username, signature and password. To do this, log into your PayPal account, click on Profile>API access>View or Remove Credentials (if you already have a certificate set up, if not then create a new certificate). Copy these details verbatim into your PayPal Express Checkout Configuration on Zen-Cart.

Payment Action should be set to ‘Final Sale’.

PayPal Mode should be set to Payflow-UK.

Live or Sandbox should be set to Live (to make live payments, Sandbox if you want to create a test environment).

All other settings are store dependent.

You have to click ‘Update’, then go back into the PayPal Express Checkout configuration options and enter your PAYFLOW details – this is your PayPal Manager Partner ID, Vendor Name, User (leave blank or make the same as Vendor Name if you only have one user) and your Password.

Website Payments Pro should now be working.

2. Next you have to set up Website Payments Pro. Most settings are store dependent, but you must make sure that PayPal Mode is set to Payflow-UK and that Payment Action is Final Sale and the Live/Sandbox status is set to Live.

Your Website Payments Pro should now be set up.

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